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Educational Fund Donations

Tax-deductable donations to our Educational Fund will positively impact the lives of perhaps a million students across the nation over the next decade.

Help ignite student's interest in social studies, science, geography, history, art, reading, writing, healthy lifestyle choices, and goal setting!

Print this form and mail it to:

Images of the World
612 Saint James Street
Rapid City, SD 57701

Please call 605-348-3432 or email if you have any questions regarding donations to our Educational Fund.

Please make all checks to Brande Foundation - IOW

$____________  General Educational Fund --
                               To be used as needed in one of the catagories below

$____________  Matching Scholarship Fund --
                               Help students in schools with limited program budgets.

$____________  Full Scholarship Fund --
                               Help students in schools with no program budgets.
$____________  21st Century Fund --
                               Help us update our programs, equipment, and RV.

$____________  Total

All donations will recieve a tax-deductable receipt.

Donor Name _______________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________

City ________________________________State _____ Zip _________

phone ____________________  email  __________________________

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