Bruce and Tass get married on September 6, 1979.

We time our wedding to take place during a full moon and lunar eclipse.

The night before our wedding we camp with friends at an old fire lookout on top of Terry Peak in the Black Hills.

We huddle in thick coats and sleeping bags through the night waiting for the eclipse.

total lunar eclipse
Total Lunar eclipse digitally tweaked.
partial eclipse
Full or total lunar eclipse.
An early morning kiss all wrapped up in our sleeping bags.
We get married the next evening on a hillside overlooking Spearfish, SD, and time the ceremony to start just as the sun is setting in the west and the full moon is rising in the east.
Before the wedding
Saying our vows
Eating cake
Of the many things we have done during our lives, we are most proud of the time we have spent together, of making our relationship and our marriage work.

Even though we feel we are soul mates, we are also both strong-willed and independent people.

Keeping any marriage healthy and happy sometimes requires lots of energy and hard work. We have both made our relationship the highest prioriety in our lives. That is what has kept our marriage strong through so many years, so many changes, and so many adventures.

We never take each other for granted, we are always honest and truthful with each other, and even when we disagree we do so with respect.

Hopefully we will have another 30 years together!

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