Himba tribe--Northern Namibia
The metal beads on this older woman's legs are also made from old bullet casings. Each bead is beaten out by hand with a hammer. The rubber soles of her sandals are made from car tires.

The Himba have been into recycling for a long time.

The bracelets on this girls legs were made by her boyfriend out of plastic pvc pipe, then carved with ornate designs.
This man's necklace was made for him by his mother when he was a young boy. He will wear the necklace throughout his entire life.
We are invited into the home of a young girl who is playing beautiful music on an instrument that sound similar to a guitar.
The Himba we meet show very little interest in our clothing or jewelry.

None of the Himba try to barter for any of our things.

The Himba are very proud of their culture and customs.

Most Himba have little desire to change their lifestyle, or adopt a "western" style of dress.

They laugh often, and always seem to be making jokes with one another.

When they grow bored with us they simply walk off into the bush.

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