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Part 2
The next country we visit is Namibia (nah-mib'-ee-ah).

In colonial times, the country was ruled by Germany and called
South West Africa. After World War II, the apartheid government in
South Africa took control of the country. The people of Namibia
fought a 30-year war against South African occupation.

Finally in 1990 they gained independence,
and the new nation of Namibia was born.

Would you like to climb the highest sand dunes in the world?

How high are they--100 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet?

Click on more dunes to find out!!
Namibia has many different ethnic groups. We spend five days in a remote part of northern Namibia visiting people from the Himba tribe.
Himba women cover their bodies in a paste made from red ochre, sweet smelling herbs, and butterfat. The paste also helps hold together the braids in their hair.

Their hats are made from cow hide. The thick white necklaces are made from seashells.

The rest of the jewelry is made from the recycled metal of bullet casings left over from the civil war in nearby Angola.

We are struck by the symbolism of making something beautiful, like jewelry, from old bullets.

To see more photos of these fascinating people, click on Himba.

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