Inca History

Bruce examines the incredibly precise carving of stones along the base of an old Inca building.

Many people are surprised to learn that the Inca Empire existed for only one hundred years.
The Inca came from the valley of Cuzco, Peru. In 1430 they were victorious in a battle with the Chanka people, and the Inca empire started a rapid military expansion. They next conquered the Canari people.

But when the Inca leader Tupac Yupanqui grew old and divided his throne between his two sons, the sons went to war against each other. Within a few year Atahualpa defeated his brother, and became the new leader of the empire.

But the Inca empire was badly weakened by the battles, and hardly ready to defend itself when the Spanish conquistador Pizarro arrived in 1532 with his own plans to conquer the Incas.

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Inca and Spanish History

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