has become our favorite winter sport.
Tass's father was a ski instructor, so Tass started skiing at Terry Peak in the Black Hills when she was six years old.

Bruce started skiing at Terry Peak when he was thirteen.

When we met we were both ski bums living in Jackson, Wyoming.

Fifteen years ago we began telemark skiing, just for something different.

We began snowboarding five years ago for the same reason.

We use Burton alpine carving snowboards, which are different than regular snowboards.

Racers use carving snowboards because they can make sharp turns without losing speed.

Carving boards require lots of leg strength because of the tremendous G-forces during the turn.

Carving boards are harder to ride than a regular snowboard because they are designed to be ridden up on edge, which requires exact balance.

Learning to snowboard has kept us excited about winter sports. We are having as much fun now as we have ever had on snow.

We love the challenge of learning something new!

The photos on this page were taken at Lake Tahoe, in the mountains along the California and Nevada border.


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