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We are super excited to partner with Strider Bicycles to encourage kids to bicycle and experience the joys and benefits of fun outdoor play.

Bruce & Tass Bicycle China

See the trailer for our feature length film documentary
coming out in 2014.

Racers get ready at the Strider National Championships in Rapid City.
A short, hilarious video of 3-5 year-olds racing.


Strider Bikes are the fastest, funnest and safest way for kids to learn to ride a bicycle.

Kids can start learning to ride Strider Bikes as soon as they can walk.

We want to encourage students to take responsibility and pursue a healthy lifestyle—now!—and not just when they get older.


Feb 2013, Pacific Grove, CA.

Early morning yoga along the California coast during our winter slide program tour.

We have been doing yoga for years.But recently health issues have made us determined to do longer daily yoga routines to stay in the best shape possible.

Now we do a half hour routine of stretches every morning. Bruce also meditates.

It is great doing sunrise yoga in parks. We also have just enough room to do yoga in our RV.

Feb 2013. We love our new (used) RV. So much bigger than our transvan of 15 years. On slide show tour in California and loving it!
2012. Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota. We spend the summer in the Black Hills.
May-Aug 2011. We bicycle 3 1/2 months across China to make our Land of the Dragon program.
November, 2010. We just received a $2500 grant from Explore Fund set up by The North Face to help inspiring students and sow the seeds for the next generation of explorers and adventurers.

If video does not play, watch on YouTube at

Join, a great website which lists outdoor activities and events by region throughout the U.S. for free to get info on a variety of outdoor events--hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, camping, and learning. Get off the couch! Never Stop Exploring!

October, 2010. Our newest program, Bruce & Tass--Unplugged,” is an introspective, philosophical and humorous account of our life and travels.

We answer 25 provocative questions people have asked about our lifestyle, including “Do we have a real job?” and “Do we ever fight?”

"Unplugged" tells the quirky and humorous behind the scenes stories of our 34 years together--not only the excitement and adventure, but also thoughtful observations about work, play, faith, love, and laughter, and the importance of finding meaning and purpose in life.
Tass is building her confidence and technical skills back up after two years off her mountain bike. Lebanon Hills park in Eagan, Minnesota (a Minneapolis suburb) has one of the funnest mountain bike trails we ride.
Will Steger, Tass, Dan Buettner, Bruce

May 2010. We are finishing up our spring slide show tour in Minneapolis where we enjoy hanging out with friends. Dan Buettner is the bestselling author of The Blue Zone, an important book on living healthier and longer lives.

Listen to Dan share the secrets of living to be healthy at 100 years old in this presentation at a TED symposium.

Will Steger has done expeditions to the North Pole and Antacrtica, both dogsledding and skiing. His last trip across Greenland has helped raise awareness of the rapidly melting glaciers. Will began keeping detailed journals of weather observations at age 11. He has always been fascinated with studying climate and seasons.

Will plans to do his next arctic expedition in three years--at age 68. He looks forward to another 30 years of exploring and learning about the world. www.willsteger

May 2010. Minnesota home art.
April 2010. The Lou Ruvo Brain Institute, Las Vegas, NV, by the architecht Frank Gehry
March 2010. Joshua Tree National Park.
February 5, 2010. Our last day in Reno, Nevada. This is an enthusiastic audience of kindergarten, first and second graders at Elmcrest Elementary. Now we head into California to give programs for the rest of Febuary and March.
Jan 23, 2010. We start our winter slide show tour in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here Bruce is giving a program to 800 9th graders at South Jordan Middle School.
Summer 2009. We begin the huge process of switching to digital projection by scanning and converting thousands of slides to digital format.

September 2009

Our 30th wedding anniversary!

Bruce and Tass
Sept. 6, 1979

October 2009. Bruce & Tass are Keynote Speakers once again at the

Travel Writers & Photographers Workshop, Boulder, CO

August 2009. Tass gets the okay to cycle off her trainer and is back outside six weeks after her second leg surgery.
screw from Tass's leg
July 2009. She has a second surgury a year later in Boulder, CO, to remove all three of the giant screws put in her leg after she broke it last year. The screws were clustered together in the top of her tibia, just below the knee. The incision on the kneecap and top of her knee are from the orthoscopic work done to clean up the joint and remove excess scar tissue.
Tass in hospital
The last few years we have been taking repeated trips to Mexico, and also Guatemala and Belize to update our Rainforests & Maya Ruins program.
pyramid of Kukulcan, Chichen Itza, Mexico
Pyramid of Kukulcan, Chichen Itza, Mexico. December 2007.
view of Guanajuato, Mexico
In October 2006 we spent a month in Guanajuato, one of our favorite cities in Mexico.
Day of the Dead skeleton art work
We visited the Mexican states of Guanajuato and Michoacan to see the famous Day of the Dead celebrations.
July 4th, 2006 The Black Hills Climbers Coalition (of which Bruce is president) was asked by the Devils Tower staff to take a flag to the top for a special celebration. Tass and Bruce with Uncle Sam on top.
Find out how our snowboards are specially made for high speed riding up on the edge of the board.
In 2004 Bruce climbs
El Matador
to celebrate his 50th birthday!
Where in the World
are Bruce and Tass?
Each fall and winter we travel through a state that has one of the best places to see wild horses.
To see more photos, along with hints of where this wild horse lives, click on Where are Bruce and Tass?
Tass--The Pig Hand

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