Jews, Christians, and Muslims all believe Mount Sinai is where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments 3,000 years ago.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all very closely related religions. All three begin with creation accounts of Adam and Eve, share numerous beliefs, and claim their beginnings to the prophet Abraham. All consider Moses a great prophet of their religion.

Then the splits begin.

Christians claim Jesus was the messiah, a special prophet from God, who was raised from the dead.

Jews do not believe Jesus was the messiah. They believe the messiah is yet to come in the future.

Muslim belief is inbetween. Muslims consider Jesus a great prophet equal to Abraham and Moses. They believe Jesus died on a cross and was buried. They do not believe Jesus was raised from the dead. Muslims believe the greatest and final prophet was Mohammed, who was born in 570 AD. Muslims date the beginning of Islam at 622 AD, which is the start of their lunar calendar.

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