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Educational school assembly programsemphasizing social studies, science, geography, history, art, reading, writing, healthy lifestyle choices and goal setting.
Images of the World was created by the husband and wife team of Tass Thacker and Bruce B. Junek to share the story of their adventures bicycling and exploring the world.

"I've been a principal at three schools and these are
the best assembly programs I have ever seen!"

Barbara Anderson,
Rosemary Elementary,
Campbell, CA

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We have seven different exciting and educational slide programs about our bicycling and traveling adventures through 54 countries over the last 45 years.
Bruce & Tass in Egypt's
Great Western Desert.

We make learning fun!

All our programs are core curriculum and standards based to feature concepts students need to learn.

We hike for 32 days in Nepal to get this view of 29,035-foot Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world.
World Bicycle Tour
Slide Show

The bike trip that started it all. A multicultural, two-year bicycling and hiking journey around the world! Interesting customs and traditions along with humor and adventure make this four-continent tour our most popular program.
Audiences are challenged and inspired to pursue their own dreams.
A Hindu pilgrim at the headwaters of the Ganges River, India

Land of the Dragon
Slide Show

In 2011 we bicycled 3-1/2 months across China.


Tibetan girl with antique coral beads in her hair during a festival in Qinghai Province.
A giant head of Ramses II, the greatest Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.
Mummies & Mosques
Slide Show

Our 2005 bike trip took us three months through Egypt, Jordan, Greece and Turkey.

This programs focuses on early Egyptian, Greek and Roman history, and also Islamic culture today.
The Blue Mosque. Istanbul, Turkey is a modern city with a fascinating history. We voted it our favorite large city in the world. (Sorry Bangkok!)

Our goal is to promote cultural understanding,
global awareness, environmental education,
and to encourage others to realize their own
goals and dreams in life!


Tour Dates

All of our educational school assembly programs are available with appropriate photos and concepts for each age level:

K-1 grade - 30 min
2-3 grade - 45 min
4-6 grade - 60 min

middle / high school - 60 min

college / adult - 90 min

Blue Zones®
Slide Show

Join us as we bicycle through the Blue Zones region of Sardinia to learn the ways we can all change our environment to make the healthy choice unavoidable.
Boy carrying sister to market.
Rainforests and Maya Ruins
Slide Show

This program now includes 14 different trips through Mexico and Central America featuring Latino culture.

We bicycle from Costa Rica to Mexico, hike through a variety of rainforest, see nesting sea turtles, the migration of monarch butterflies, plus colorful markets and traditional festivals.

We visit ancient Maya cities and also learn about the Maya Indians of today.
A 1500-foot fountain of lava pours out of Pu'u O'o in Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii.
Volcanoes of the World
Slide Show

Erupting volcanoes, extinct volcanoes, rock climbing igneous rock --this student favorite is updated yearly. We explore interesting countries and cultures, and see a variety of animals, as we travel to volcanoes in Africa, Asia, North America, Central and South America.
We camp four days on top of Acatenango volcano to photograph Fuego volcano erupting in Guatemala.
During our four months in Africa we spend 34 days in 11 national parks photographing birds and animals.
African Safari
Slide Show

We bicycle through southern Africa, across the Kalahari desert, track elephants and lions on foot, and visit remote tribal villages to experience the lifestyles and customs of the people we meet. Africa is a land of contrast: ancient rock art and modern cities; penguins and giraffes; deserts and rainforests!
A Himba girl from Namibia
Bruce & Tass Bicycle China
Documentary Film
Bruce and Tass have two books about their travels.
Road of Dreams book cover
The Road of Dreams
Andes to the Amazon book cover
Andes to the Amazon

"That is the best the first, second, and third graders have been in any assembly, and you did it with the lights out!"

Heather Walker,
1st grade teacher

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We are excited to be working together with Strider Bikes to promote bicycling for young kids.

Kids can start learning to ride Strider Bikes as soon as they can walk.


Andes to the Amazon
Slide Show
We mountain bike through the Andes, explore Inca ruins and see unique festivals. Then we bike and canoe into the Amazon Basin, the world's largest rainforest, to see monkeys, toucans, tree frogs, boas, spiders, pink dolphins, and Cofan Indians!

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Of the 37 species of toucans found in the new world (ranging from southern Mexico to Argentina), the Cuviers toucan is one of the largest--almost two feet long!

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Q & A

Student questions and art work
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Images of the World

Bruce B. Junek
Tass Thacker



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Long tailed macaques, Bali, Indonesia

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World Bicycle Tour
Rainforests & Mayan Ruins
Volcanoes of
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Andes to
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African Safari

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