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A Bright One Chronicles
The Foundling of Dayr Castle
Death of Innocence
The Way of the World
A Bright One
A Four-Book Fantasy Adventure by B. Burgess Junek


You don't know Bruce until you know Bruce &Tass

The Foundling
of Dayr Castle

The Making of a True Warrior

Book One - A Bright One Chronicles


A girl of prophecy on a black stallion, a boy falconer, and a Barbarian Prince share destinies with a deadly female warrior/mystic.

But not happily ever after.

An intriguing, coming-of-age, low fantasy adventure series about friendship, belief, sacrifice, love, life and death.

Captivating characters in a female predominate culture shaped by mysticism and spiritual awakenings.

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After the fall of the glorious matriarchal Ambri Empire an infant girl named Tyme mysteriously appears in the stables of a magnificent borderland castle, now part of a Barbarian Kingdom.

She learns to ride Spike, a notorious mountain ibex, is taught the sword by the castle champion, and is spiritually mentored by a fearless old herb woman.

Tyme also befriends Jyg, a young boy who climbs the broken remains
of the highest castle tower to capture, raise and train a gyrfalcon chick.

And she meets Crown Prince Epohco, a kind and introspective friend
who may become something more.

Meanwhile political factions search for the girl of prophecy heralding the return of the Ambri Empire, while others believe she is the Divine Daughter, whose rise to power will bring a new world order.

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Death of Innocence

The Making of a True Warrior

Book Two - A Bright One Chronicles


The Ser Cus arrives at Dayr Castle and Tyme meets Wiir Waar, her new friend and mentor is sword juggling, knife throwing, court etiquett, and dance.

Jyg has excapades with Ser Cus friends and finds two raven chicks. Crown Prince Epohco survives drowning and makes his way to Ezkia Nunner.

Their lives change forever when traumatic events strike Dayr Castle to reveal the ruthless intrigue of Ambri politics.

This bold and epic tale packs emotional, heart-rending, and surprising turns of events.

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The Way of the World

The Making of a True Warrior

Book Three - A Bright One Chronicles


In Karvor, the polychrome city of potters, artists, song and dance, Tyme has a surprising encounter with the Jawbone Ridge gang.

Jyg and Bones trail suspects, then Wiir Waar and the Ser Cus arrive to help spy and infiltrate banquets.

Epoh's search for dragon treasure turns to something unexpected as he begins to learn about the ancient ones.

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A Bright One

The Making of a True Warrior

Book Four - A Bright One Chronicles


Tyme and Epoh reunite at last in the colorful, artistic, gambling city of Karvor. Both are apprehensive about their relationship after so long apart and nervous of adjusting to their dramatically changes roles--Epoh no longer a Crown Prince, and Tyme now heralded as the Bright One, with Riin Ruel proposing to train her as the Divine Dagger.


The intrigue and suspense grows along with the threat of coups and civil war as the characters strive to control their destinies in the gritty, evocative, and fascinating world of Ambra.

The wild ride to a final conclusion of the remarkable 4-book series will lure the reader into an exhilarating and utterly gripping finale.

We also offer the Best in Non-Fiction Books

Amazing, Fun, and Insightful Adventure Travel Stories

The Road of Dreams
A Two-Year Bicycling and Hiking Adventure Around the World
Bruce B. Junek

Photographs by Tass Thacker


Follow the unforgettable exploits of seasoned travelers Bruce Junek and Tass Thacker on their 26-month around-the-world bicycle trip.

They crossed four continents through sweltering temperatures and winter snowstorms--punctuated by 42 flats.

This deeply personal travel book is also the story of an inner journey with a compelling message: Recognize what you value most in life, and pursue it!

"Ask yourself, What do hill tribe food fights, volcanoes, snorkeling in the moonlight, Buddhist monasteries, Mt. Everest, boils, and bikes have in common?

The answer in inside The Road of Dreams, as Bruce and Tass hop, skip and pedal their way into the heart of our world...Their enthusiasm is contagious; their story compelling."

John Viehman
Executive Editor, Backpacking Magazine and host of PBS Trailside TV series.

Written with a keen eye for detail and a wry sense of humor,
The Road of Dreams is travel writing at its best!

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copy now!


"I've just finished reading The Road of Dreams and enjoyed it so much that I've started to read it a second time. Congratulations on truly a spectacular and adventurous journey. What an accomplishment. Thanks for the inspiration!

John Powers, Birmingham, AL
"I am enjoying your book so much. I ride my stationary bike each morning for 45 minutes and am in the middle of touring Thailand. Thanks for the hours of enjoyment."

Sharon Benassi
Principle North Tahoe Intermediate


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Andes to the Amazon
Seven Journeys in Mexico, Central and South America
Bruce B. Junek
Photographs by Tass Thacker

Riding third class trains through Mexico to Guatemala.

Bicycling through Central and South America.

Kayaking and swimming with whales in Baja.

Hiking through cloud forests in Costa Rica.

Snorkeling with penguins in the Galapagos Islands.

Traveling by dugout canoe in the Amazon Basin.

“Extraordinary journey’s rich with experiences, meaningful encounters with other cultures and joys of living close to the earth. A great read with an important message, Andes to the Amazon will appeal to the traveler in all of us.”

Dan Buettner
explorer, author and
founder of Blue Zones


Whether they are running off with a Mexican circus family or staying in the rainforest huts of Cofan Indians, Bruce and Tass’s unique personal interactions add a poignant human dimension to their travels.

Volcanoes, Maya ruins, nesting sea turtles, migrating monarch butterflies, monkeys and jaguars, Andes to the Amazon has it all!

"Not often (as in never) have I written to an author to say that I was enthralled with a book. Received Andes to the Amazon--my kind of book! I traveled all the way with you two--that's how realistic the writing is--loved the pictures. Liked the fact that there was no whining--you both must be tough as nails...This book should be required reading in all schools."
Mrs. Ardith Eatherton, Rapid City, SD

"Just wanted to share this picture with you. On a recent bike tour I brought Andes to the Amazon to read.

Coincidently, my father-in-law brought The Road of Dreams! Here we are in camp, both enjoying your books!"

Scott Van Orman
Would you carry a book this big on a bicycle trip around southern Africa? Tass reading the autobiography of Nelson Mandela by headlamp in our tent while crossing the Kalahari Desert in Botswana.
Explore the world of books!
Tass and our friend, Janet, share stories in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

Tass with our pile of library books for a month in Hawaii. At the start of our around-the-world bike trip we house sat for a friend who lived biking distance from the Honolulu public library. Great for researching our route through South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia and south-east Asia.
Rock Climbing Guide

Spearfish Canyon Limestone

Black Hills, South Dakota

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