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Bruce and Tass
Images of the World

Bruce B. Junek and Tass Thacker are explorers, adventurers, authors, photographers and gifted teachers who share exciting stories from their adventure travels with audiences of all ages.

We are a husband and wife team who have spent 45 years together exploring the world's exotic places and cultures.

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Bruce and Tass dressed in traditional Hmong clothing, northern Thailand.

Many of our journeys have been on bicycles, which has enabled us to see the world from a unique point of view.

During our travels we strive to immerse ourselves in local cultures, to better learn and understand how people around the world live.

We are also interested in animals, natural history and the environment, and enjoy sharing what we have learned about the world with our audiences!

We finance all our journeys ourselves, and have spent our life savings numerous times. We have no rich relatives.

We created Images of the World in 1987, and support our adventurous lifestyle by giving slide programs in 150 schools per year. We also give presentations at seminars, businesses and outdoor festivals.

Bruce with a tarantula, Amazon Rainforest.
During our travels we take plenty of time off the bikes to explore our surroundings.




We enjoy learning about each area we visit, and getting up close and personal with some of the inhabitants.

Tass with two armloads of rainbow lorikeets, Australia
Tass napping with sea lions, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
People often ask, "How did you get such a great job?"

When we first began traveling we never dreamed we would someday make our living from our travels. For many years we worked at different jobs, then quit each time we had enough money saved to travel. When we ran out of money we would go back to work.

Rather than working toward a certain job or profession, we focused our energy into creating a lifestyle. We realized that having lots of money was not a priority in our lives. We were more interested in doing things, than in buying things. We preferred to have experiences, instead of possessions.

Our goals were to have maximum time traveling and having adventures, to have both physical and mental challenges, and to do something positive--to leave the world a better place after we are gone.

Finding new jobs after each trip gave us confidence to know we could quickly learn new skills. During this time Bruce was a carpenter, truck driver, iron worker, ski patroller, cement finisher and an oil rig driller. Tass was a swimming instructor, waiter, iron worker, bread baker and even tied fishing flies for an outfitter.

Our first home together--a winterized tipi on the banks of the Snake river near Jackson, Wyoming.
Bruce and Tass get married, Sept. 6, 1979.
In the 1979 we began teaching environmental education at a retreat center owned by the United Methodist Church. A year later we were promoted to camp directors, where we learned to create age-appropriate educational programs for students of all ages.

After five years we again quit our jobs, took our life savings, and began our longest journey, our 26-month bicycle trip around the world. During the journey Tass took over 8,000 photographs, and Bruce kept a detailed journal. After two years of traveling we returned home broke, with no job, and no place to live.

A friend hired us to give a series of slide presentations of our world bike trip at a teacher in-service training. After the slide shows many teachers asked if we could give similar programs in their schools. With the encouragement of so many teachers, we created Images of the World in 1987, and began doing slide programs in schools.

For three years we gave slide shows part time while also managing a bicycle/outdoor store. In 1990 we quit the bike shop to pursue our dream of working full-time for our own business--Images of the World.

Since 1990 giving Images of the World slide shows has been our full-time job. At last we have an occupation we don't have to quit in order to travel! (Although each of our trips still requires all of our savings!)

We now travel six months each year giving slide programs. The rest of the year we work on creating new shows, write books, do office work, and, of course, continue to adventure travel around the world.

We hope by sharing what we have been so fortunate to see and experience, we can promote understanding and respect between cultures, and also encourage others to realize their own goals and dreams in life!

Bruce under a waterfall, Daintree rainforest, Australia.
August 2002

Tass takes 2nd at the World Mountain Bike Championships in Canada.

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Tass at Worlds

About Tass Thacker
Tass on a Mexican beach, 1977
Tass' earliest memories of adventure are the camping trips her family took nearly every weekend during the summer.

Tass' dad was a ski instructor, so her whole family skied through the winter.

Tass started swimming competitively at age six. By high school she held many state swimming records, some of which held for over 20 years. Tass was also a member of the US Junior Olympic team.

When Tass was 24 she left on her first trip out of the US, a five-month journey through South America with her friend Suzanne.

Tass realized during the trip that she wanted to spend her life traveling the world.

About Bruce B. Junek
Bruce and a new friend in southern Mexico, 1977
Bruce's earliest memory of wanting to travel is sitting on his mother's lap while she read him stories from National Geographic magazine. After she read each article she would say "Wouldn't it be wonderful to visit?"

While growing up, Bruce loved to read adventure books. Some of his early favorites were Treasure Island, The Black Arrow, Robin Hood, and Swiss Family Robinson. Bruce also liked to read about inventors such as Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers.

When Bruce was 19 he went on his first big adventure--a five-month overland trip across Africa with his sister. The trip forever changed the course of his life.

Tass is a nickname she received when she was little. Neither of us wanted her to change and lose her birth name when we were married in 1976, so Tass remained a Thacker.

Bruce's middle name is Burgess, which is his mothers birth name. Bruce likes including the B. when he signs his name as a reminder of his mom.

Still happily traveling after 42 years together!!

Camping on the immense Ntwetwe pan, Botswana, during our bicycle trip through southern Africa.

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