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Make A Difference In The World -- "Make a difference in your life and in the lives of those around you." Americorps is a national service organization to address critical community needs in education, public safety, health and the environment. -- Has low administrative fees, so the money goes where it is most needed. They emphasize working with families and villages to help bring a better life to the kids building schools and health clinics, drilling wells and working to improve the quality of life for others. -- Nature Conservancy works to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. Buy an acre of rainforest in Brazil, or an acre of native grasslands in South Dakota.
-- "Person to person grassroots educational projects around the world." Become part of this network by volunteering at one of the projects represented on this website. -- Peace Corps Volunteers work all around the world in education, youth outreach, community development, business development, agriculture and environment, health and AIDS issues, and information technology. Many volunteers we have met say they learn from others even more than they teach. -- For healthcare professionals looking for their own adventure. "Work with great people, mean what you say, stick together."

Bike Touring -- Joe Kurmaskie is wacky and fun. ""David Sedaris trapped in the body of Lance Armstrong."
-- We met Claire and Bob while bike touring in Turkey. Their website says "We value adventure as a portal to self-discovery, and to the wonder of life." -- Our friend Rick Gunn recently finished a 3-year, 25,811-mile bicycle journey around the planet. Soulcycler is his multi-media presentation. -- Rick and Tanya McFerrin bicycled 15,000 miles through 43 countries in 1998-2000. Their non-profit charity now takes small groups of students on bike tours in South America, Europe and Canada.
Photography -- Frans Lanting is one of the best wildlife photographers. -- Michael is a good friend from Santa Fe who shot the photos of Bruce climbing El Matador on Devils Tower.
Gear and Equipment -- Black Diamond makes my favorite rock climing equipment, cams, belay devices, and more.
-- Brunton is famous for binoculars, but they also make great stoves, compasses, and our favorite from our recent bike trip--a small, lightweight solar charger that works for iPods and other electronic gear. -- La Sportiva makes the best rock climbing shoes. -- MSR make a variety of camping gear. We used their super lightweight Hubba Bubba tent on our most recent bike tour. Excellent. -- Patagonia makes great clothes for a variety of sports and activities. Don't just buy the clothes--do the activities too. -- Great for staying healthy while traveling. -- Smith makes great sunglasses and goggles. We have used their products since they first invented ski goggles for powder in the early 1970s! -- We have ridden Trek bikes for all of our bike tours. At home we have Trek mountain bikes, and also Trek road bikes. Need we say more?
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