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We didn't start rock climbing until we were in our 40's, when Bruce got over his fear of heights, and Tass began gearing down from mountain bike racing.

Our home in the Black Hills has world class climbing just out our back door.

The Needles in Custer State Park is our most famous local climbing area.


needles eye, custer state park, south dakota

Needles Eye, Custer State Park, Black Hills, South Dakota.

Bob Archbold climbs Hairy Pin
Bob Archbold climbs the committing and runnout Hairy Pin, 5.10d.
Pinfest is a somewhat yearly climbers gathering in the Ten Pins area of the Needles.

Ten Pins area, Custer State Park

Traditionally, local climbers award style points for standing on top of Superpin, 5.10 R, after climbing it for the first time.
Climber sits on super pin

For others, just sitting on top is exciting enough.

Bruce on superpin

Bruce on Superpin during Pinfest. Webbing around the top makes the anchor. The last person removes the webbing and simul-rappels or lowers off on a single line drapped over the summit, the other end tied to the ground.

Bruce climbs Stardancer, Mount Rushmore
Bruce climbing Stardancer, a classic 5.8, Middle Marker area, Mount Rushmore.
Bruce and Tass on top of Stardancer, Mount Rushmore
Tass and Bruce on top.
Rock Climbing Guide Book

Spearfish Canyon Limestone

Black Hills, South Dakota

Bruce B. Junek

For more info click on
Spearfish Canyon Limestone

Tass on tricouni nail
Tass on Tricouni Nail, a classic 5.8 route first climbed by Royal Robbins in the 1960s.
Bruce climbs Picture Window, Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Bruce climbs Picture Window, a beautiful 5.7 at Mount Rushmore Memorial.
Tass climbs Bubba Cool, Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Tass grabs a giant quartz crystal on Bubba Cool, a pumpy 5.9, Mount Rushmore Memorial.

Granite is an igneous rock crystallized from magma. Black Hills granite features huge crystals of quartz, feldspar and tourmaline, along with sheets of mica.

tourmaline crystal
A near fist-sized ball of tourmaline and quartz crystals makes a great climbing hold.
Heather Heynen on Blood Brother, 511.d, Mohican Wall, Spearfish Canyon.
Mike Cronin climbs the notorious Trail of Tears, 12a/b Mohican Wall, Spearfish Canyon.
Although most of the Black Hills is in western South Dakota, a portion of the Black Hills spills into eastern Wyoming and includes Devils Tower National Monument.
Bruce leading Assembly Line.
More Devil's Tower climbing.
July 4th, 2006 The Black Hills Climbers Coalition was asked by the Devils Tower staff to take a flag to the top for a special celebration. Tass and Bruce with Uncle Sam on top.
Bruce turned the garage into a climbing gym. He is spotting our nephew Shane on an 82 move route called The Silver Surfer.
Rock climbing in California, Idaho and Utah 2001
Straight Shooter, Red Rocks
Bruce on Straight Shooter, Red Rocks, Nevada


Bruce Climbs Supercrack of the Desert, Indian Creek, Utah


More Indian Creek climbing
and rock art photos
A small section of Newspaper Rock, a collection of prehistoric rock art covering a large wall near Indian Creek.
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