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Blue Zones®
Join us as we bicycle through the Blue Zones region of Sardinia to learn the ways we can all change our environment to make the healthy choice unavoidable.
Bruce and Tass bicycling the Smerelda Coast of Sardinia
on their 35th wedding anniversary, Sept 6, 2014.
To find where people in Sardinia live the longest, we leave the yachts along the coast
and ride through the farms and vineyards of central Sardinia.
We are excited to work with our friend Dan Buettner to create a Blue Zones school program!

Dan is a National Geographic explorer who has written two best selling books about the Blue Zones--the regions in the world where people live the longest and are the healthiest.
Bruce rock climbing with Dan Buettner and his son Danny in the Black Hills.

Throughout our adventure we learn about the Power 9®
for healthy Blue Zones environment and behavior.


Having a Plant Slant, plant-based diet is an important part of the Power 9.

A Mediterranean diet is not the kind of diet you do for a few weeks to lose weight.
This is the kind of diet you eat and enjoy every day for your whole life.

Stop eating when
you are
80% Full

is another part of the
Power 9.

Drink water with every meal,
Never Soda.

Eat from smaller plates and serve smaller portions.

We love the painted murals in many mountain towns. In Foni all the paintings feature the history of the area. The woman, doorway and even window are all part of the mural.

In Lodine all the murals are of famous
authors and musicians.

The environment we live in affects our customs and habits.

Belonging to the Right Tribe-- healthy and vibrant communities--
is part of the Power 9.

We strengthen our tribe by actively seeking out the right kinds of friends and support groups.

In the mountains of Sardinia the men live longer
than anywhere else in the world.

This area has ten times the
number of male centenarians
per population size as compared to the U.S.

The men of this area are much healthier and suffer half the fractures of other Italians.

The old men in this region are primarily shephards, who often
walk five miles a day
following their sheep.

Five miles is about 10,000 steps.


The Power 9 goal is to
Move Naturally
by increasing physical
activity in our
day-to-day lives.

Not just in sports but throughout the day.

Walk or bike to school.

Instead of sitting, stand whenever possible.

Consider a standing desk.

Take the stairs instead of the escalator.

Park further away and enjoy a short walk when you run errands.

Take quick breaks from electronic devices to move and stimulate blood flow and increase concentration.

Having a Sense of Purpose is part of the Power 9.

Your purpose is what excites and motivates you!

You can develop and enhance your purpose by
sharing and interacting with others.


Knowing how to Down Shift, how to relax and reduce stress, is equally important. Reading, listening to music,
taking a nap, walking the dog, yoga and meditation
are all great ways to downshift.

Research shows that people who Belong to a
faith-based community and participate in some form of
worship four times a month live an extra 4-14 years.

Put Loved Ones First by supporting and nurturing strong family ties and relationships.


The Blue Zones Challenge is a fast-moving, informative and humorous
adventure in making environmental changes that will help foster healthy lifestyle choices and goal setting.

Help your students to be more productive in class, more alert in school,
and more aware in social interactions.

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